Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hi ho - so we are one week into our TLE sales.

I have to say - I have absolutely no idea how it's going.  Working with a distributor is funny - they are working with lots of other companies - netflix, amazon, walmart, as well as twenty plus actual video stores that carry the movie -- and I have no idea how many copies anyone has ordered, rented, sold, etc.
I may have a better idea when we get our quarterly report.

Also, Jennifer and I are both very busy on other projects -- though we did do some press that I'll post here as soon as the articles are printed.  (If you live in Ventura, Santa Barbara, or Michigan - keep an eye out in your local paper)

In the meantime, I can announce this:

Amazon has only TWO COPIES LEFT!

...That bodes well, I think.  Someone asked:  "Does that mean that Amazon didn't order very many?"  I'm a glass-half-full-kinda-gal (on my good days) so I'll say NO!  What that means is that people ordered all the many many copies that Amazon ordered all up!!!!

Not to worry, if you see that they are sold out on Amazon, I believe Amazon will soon be stocking more.

In addition, if you see me on the street, you can buy a copy off of me for $20 cash.  Bargain really, since you don't have to deal with shipping.

If you are cast or crew and are owed a copy (see Jennifer Westin for qualifying details) I imagine you will get one at some point in the near future - possibly when Jennifer returns from shooting her big time indie movie in New York with Ross Partridge (I feel incredibly proud and only a wee bit left out) ;)

So - in closing, if you have your copy of The Lake Effect, I hope you are enjoying it, not pirating it, and telling your friends about it at every chance you get.  If you're not sure how to plug The Lake Effect into every day conversation, you could try this:

YOU:  Hi Friend.
YOU:  Seen any good movies lately?
FRIEND:  Yes, actually - all the Oscar contenders are ---
YOU (interrupting):  Not as good as this little indie movie I just watched on DVD!!  It's called The Lake Effect and it's awesome.  You should check it out!
(And so on...)

Hope that helps!  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I will do this to my hair if it sells DVDs.

This weekend, a friend asked me if he could buy the DVD straight off of me instead of off of a website - and if that would help us out more...  The answer is yes and yes -- in fact, I had big plans of throwing a TLE DVD release party - only problem is that I'm in production and Jennifer Westin is in NY, also in production... and to be honest, I'm a little nervous that if I threw a party it will just be me (and Brett, he's obligated), sitting in a bar somewhere with a box of DVDS after a 12 hour shoot day, all alone.

In the meantime, if you happen to see me on the street, yes - I may have a DVD in my bag that I can sell you for $20.  Otherwise, it's just a click away... 

It's already discounted, what?! 

BTW -  let's say you don't want to buy the movie.  You've seen it or you don't even own a DVD player, what can you do to help TLE???   A FAVOR -- anyone who has seen the movie:  PLEASE GET ON-LINE and WRITE A REVIEW ON AMAZON!!!  Even if you're not the kind of person who normally writes reviews on amazon!  I'll be your best friend...

Monday, October 3, 2011

All work and no play makes Tara a...

Delirious Blogger.

That's gonna be my new band name.

This week I missed out on a trip to Michigan to go to the very cool Hell's Half Mile Film Festival.  (True story:  Two old men were overheard in the bathroom saying how affected they were by the movie! - I didn't know that men talked to each other in the bathroom but I did know that old men love us. Buy a copy for your Grandpa!!!)  I also had to turn down a trip to the Jacksonville Film Festival, a great little festival run by fellow filmmaker Warren Skeels - where The Lake Effect will be screening later this month. I suppose these are good problems to have - I had to turn them down because I am working!  Working working working working working.  On a web series, a commercial, a music video, a pilot, a spec script, and (currently) this blog.  Not to mention trying (not desperately, just trying) to get everyone and their mother excited about buying a copy of TLE!
Everyone wants this sweet-looking DVD!

I had this idea  -- I could go around to people who should really buy the movie out of obligation (Hi Mom!) and make them do it on camera...(See!  So Easy - you can do it on your phone!  You can buy it from your laptop, Ipad! Use your telephone!)  And then the obligated purchasers could talk about how excited they are.  I'll edit the whole thing with star wipes and then post it (ON THIS BLOG - so self reflexive, planning my next blog while I blog) and it would inspire everyone to buy my movie!!  It could be sweet.

I'm a little punchy.  Been writing since 5.  Forgive.  Then pre-buy the movie.  I know - I'm a broken record.  Don't worry.  It'll die down on October 18th (and then maybe start up again around the Holidays).