Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ok, So I am on a plane to Michigan this morning for our mini-mid-west tour with THE LAKE EFFECT.

Hey Michaganders:  Does the state really look like this?  If so, how does that
whole "point to your palm" thing work at all?  How does your hand do that
top part -- wait, is that the upper peninsula??? I realize I could look all this up
but it's funner to wonder aimlessly about it here. 

We'll be staying at the lake house (where the majority of the feature was shot, doing three screenings, three high school workshops, two TV appearances, and lots of driving (everything in Michigan is very FAR from everything else).

The lake.  

I should also mention that we had an absolutely great screening last Thursday at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles!  Thank you to everyone for coming out and making it such a special night...  The very crowded house laughed, they cried... and aside from a little technical hiccuping, I thought it went wonderfully.

I will post pics as soon as I get them off my sister in law's camera (which she does not own a cable for).   It may be sometime in 2012.

Ok so today - I just want to share all the Michigan news that is popping up as we get closer to our screenings there...

A great review from MLIVE:

An interview with WMUK:

This from MLive.com

Our interview with the Holland Sentinel:

Our Interview with Radio Station WSJM AM 1400...

This from the Western Michigan University Newspaper:

This on the Michigan Film Office's Website:

Allegan County News:

....And more to come!

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