Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#13 Write the Trailer

So after a fun family-filled holiday weekend, I am always raring to get back to work and get pages out.  Of course, there are lots of steps that need to happen before I get pages out – brainstorming, character development, treatments… I thought I would share one of my favorite writing exercises with you all. 

Basically, I write the trailer for the movie I haven’t yet completed the script for.  For me, as a director/writer - I dream visually, so it helps to do this before I’ve finished all my scene breakdowns and character development.   If I can create poignant glimpses into the story for a two minute teaser, it helps me stay on point through the rest of the work.   It helps me visualize what Act Two is all about.  It’s also a great reminder that (duh) the film has to be compelling: dynamic in the individual moments as well as in the big picture. 

I actually pulled out the trailer script to THE LAKE EFFECT when we were cutting the trailer after the movie was finished to remind myself what I originally felt were the trailer-worthy moments in the film – what would bring people into a theatre?

Anyway, here’s a rough trailer script for the CYNICS.  Hope you enjoy it!  

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