Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BLOG #11 The On-line Debut of my (old but so good) short film SMACKERS!

Pucker up, people.  It's Smackers.
So my bigtime Producer just emailed me reminding me that that I have a blog deadline looming and although she was aware that this blog would be dedicated to the online premiere of my short film SMACKERS, she kindly suggested that maybe I could mention some topics that are trending to move my blog up up up on the search engines and out of the small circle of my friends who are kind enough to read it.  

I thought, "Sure.  No problem.  I'm all about trending.  Trending and transmedia and social networking.  Look out future, here comes a girl who wore a rainbow belt with a Smurfette buckle halfway through the eighties."

I figured I could throw some casual references to current events and/or popular people into today's blog and reach millions.  Easy. Peazy. Then I googled "trending." 

Here's Google's list of what's trending at 8:52 on Monday November 14th.   

Steve Smith
Niciolas Cage
Ravens vs Falcons
Latin Grammy
Android Gingerbread
Los 4.2 release

Effing Garfleid?  WHAT?!  No Thanksgiving?  No Harry Potter?  Maybe I don't understand what trending is.  I admit it - I barely have time to brush my teeth let alone my hair.  I have a precious hour and a half to write during naps and then another hour after bedtime IF I skip washing the dishes.  I'm a mom!  Keeping up with a fifteen month old who can stand on chairs and unpack a toy box in under 10 seconds is donkey bonkers.   By the way, all you mom bloggers who seem to have time to make sugar free organic carrot cupcakes with bunny ears and then write about it, what are you snorting??? 

I don't even have time to look all the trending things up to find out WHY they're trending.  
So I ask you, readers:  Is Steven Smith a football player? Did Nick Cage get arrested?  What kind of Cruise is in the news - Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruise, Booze Cruise?  I was so curious about Adroid Gingerbread (a new edible robot perhaps?)  that I learned we'll soon be using our phones to pay for things - Not sure yet if it lets you pay with rollover minutes. 

Okay - so this brings me to the long overdue reason for this post.... sharing SMACKERS - the first short I ever wrote and directed.  It enjoyed a very long festival run back before VIRAL had anything to do with the internets... but it is super duper viral.  

Clocking in at a mere minute and a half, Smackers parables the downfall of Junior High royalty.  Hopefully, it'll give you a good quick laugh at your desk this morning.  

PS: If you like Smackers, please PASS IT ON.  Share it.  Re-post it, blog it, tweet it, like it, digg it, book its face.  

My dream is that Smackers is seen by more people on-line than it ever was in a theatre and then it can show up on a trending list and confuse the hell out of someone else. :)


  1. Wow. Smackers. That brings back some memories. Thanks for bringing it back out of the dark.

  2. I remember a few girls like that in junior high... thank god I wasn't one of them!!! Beautiful short, Tara!!!

  3. Sorry I'm late to this one... Congrats!
    I have to say - if Android Gingerbread is the way the way of the future - SCORE!