Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ross Partridge rocking the red
carpet at Sundance 2011.
Ross Partidge, the amazing leading man from THE LAKE EFFECT, was kind enough to guest blog this week from the Sundance Film Festival, where his latest film, THE OFF HOURS is premiering...  Enjoy!

We screened my film, THE OFF HOURS, twice thus far.  I play a truck driver named Oliver, who is not sure of the direction of his life after his marriage is ailing and his quest for higher meaning lands him the job, which is much different then what he use to know of his life, as a banker. People really like the film. I love it. I think it is is amazing and really special. It is dark, moody and like a Tom Waits song… very still.

So we had the premiere and now that it is on the table we have much anxiety about whether or not the film will sell. This is the unfortunate part(often fortunate) of all the great honor and thrills of being at Sundance. “Will the film sell?!” becomes the Elephant in the room. In everyone's room. THE OFF HOURS screened really well. People were moved and really taken about how cinematic it looks and feels. They are calling it a throwback to some of the older films at Sundance, those shot on film with higher budgets. We will know more by mid-week and hopefully we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Kay (Panabaker, who plays opposite Ross in THE LAKE EFFECT) and I have exchanged messages a few times and are trying to get together for brunch. I will take a photo when the family is back together again.  In the meantime, I am standing in line for Kay's film, LITTLE BIRDS. It is completely sold out and the buzz here seems to be that the film is one the attracts a really broad audience.  Apparently so, because getting tickets looks nearly impossible.  Great for Kay, not great for us. 
Kay P and Juno Temple

Tickets at Sundance are so nearly impossible, at first, unless you get them early or buy a very expensive badge.  The actors themselves usually don’t even have tickets to give because the producers are hoping to get as many buyers, distributers, agents, and press people as possible in to see the film.  Since we don't have a ticket to Kay’s film, we are standing in line with 100 other people in the wait list line. The frenzy for tickets is out of control and although films are most always sold out, somehow you manage to get in. Earlier, we actually tried to sneak in to the theater because I really want to support Kay(my only daughter).  We were hovering in the fire escape stairwell, trying to scalp a few tickets, when we got busted by festival volunteer who was escorting out James Franco. They were really great about it and laughed as well. It is an amazing adventure and for the most part people who come just love it. It’s like Mardis Gras in snow…   

The partying here is out of control. The streets are packed with on- lookers and paparazzing hoping to get a glimpse of a star or two. There are thousands of young woman and men all carry bags from gifting suites- shoes and jackets and hats.  More shit then most need or want but it seems the frenzy to have free shit infects everyone here.  I think there are many people who come here just to party and have no interest in film.  I admit...I have gotten a few things here and there. as we do press lines and photos shoots, sometimes they say come here and take you into a room supplied with sponsorship swag. it is wild. In fact, if they really wanted to give things away here to the "artisits" here they should hand out bags of groceries because it is very expensive and most artist are struggling to eat at the fest.

Oh Sundance.. No other place like it. Two feet of snow, too much alcohol, great friends and fun and great film… and no sleep. It is an amazing experience and so very lucky to be part of it.

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