Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Assistant Directing, the other white meat.

Okay, so today I am on a commercial shoot for a Pioneer Electronics/Pandora spot that my good friend, the uber talented Zack Mathers is directing/producing under his banner Frequent Flyer Productions.  Three twelve-hour days on set will be a nice break from baby care and writing. 

I’ll be updating throughout the day, unless my blogging threatens to get me canned in which case I’ll be blogging at the end of the day after I’ve gotten call sheets out for tomorrow. 

Quick note about Pioneer/Pandora: Pioneer apparently has developed a sick car stereo that plays Pandora anywhere and has a screen that you can manipulate the stations just like on your computer.    For a long detailed article on that, click HERE

10:02 - got off a fast morning of running shots with our lead Amber - listening to Pandora on her Iphone... car dolly with steadicam op sitting in back.  beautiful light... 

Off to shoot some interior car shots - functionality of the radio. 

OKAY, lunch - made our morning.  And received a short bus that was delivered for tomorrow... 

We're shooting this whole thing on the Canon 7 D with available lights and a few reflectors/bounce cards.  It's unbelievable how good it looks.  Granted, it helps to have a crew who knows how to use it and equipment that enhances it... 

3:09 So now we're shooting all the interior car stuff - grabbing three different radios and all sorts of functionality - which is actually making me want one of these radios - you can do you tube, facebook, blue tooth, pandora.  I am a commercial for this commercial.  

7:22 - wrapped a few hours ago - went great!  and I am wiped... we made it home just in time to read the little one her bedtime stories.  It was great working with my friend Zack - a director who knows what he wants/needs and doesn't over shoot out of fear!  And of course, it's always nice working with my husband - we haven't spent this much time together in too long. 

Here's some screen grabs... 

 i'll post a link to the commercial when it's done!  

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