Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some good news…

The Lake Effect is screening at The Phoenix International Film Festival! 

I am really excited about this fest because: it’s is a great festival and it’s close to LA – so those Los Angelinos who are highly motivated could even DRIVE THERE!

There will be three screenings between 3/31 and 4/7 but we don’t have dates yet… you’ll know as soon as we do and then you can start planning your caravan road trip adventures!   

For more information, check out the Phoenix Film Festival here!

So, today, in honor of Phoenix and filmmakers from Arizona, I’m giving a shout out to my very talented filmmaker friend John Humber, who directed a wonderful film called DAKOTA SKYE that happened to premiere at the Phoenix Film Festival a couple of years ago.

John was such a fan of the festival, he told me that, "Out of all the festivals we took DAKOTA SKYE to, the Phoenix Film Festival was certainly the highlight.  The crowds, the staff and the fellow filmmakers combined to create an experience I'll never forget."

Just like The Lake Effect, Dakota Skye was shot on a low-budget with a minimal crew and (like the Lake Effect hopes to do) has garnered an incredible following and fan base.   And just like The Lake Effect, it was shot by my ridiculously talented husband Brett Juskalian.  

So while you’re waiting for THE LAKE EFFECT to be released, you should check out DAKOTA SKYE!  It’s is available on-line  (See, it takes a while but these movies get out there eventually… The Lake Effect will be available some day, mark my words!)
Here’s the trailer…

To find out more (like where you can see this movie, check out their facebook page!)

Lastly, I’m not kidding about the caravan thing… we hope to see you in Phoenix!

Oh and one more thing - if you were following the blogs about my week assistant directing and posting the Pioneer/Pandora spot, Pioneer has officially launched the campaign.  It's hilarious - Check it out here!


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