Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yes, that's right!
(Cue sound effects: cheers, applause, sighs of, "Oh thank God").  A wonderful small company called Osiris Entertainment now officially owns the North American rights for the film... We couldn't be happier.  It's like our little baby is all grown up, off to college to drink itself silly...
I lost the metaphor in there somewhere.  Really, we're thrilled that our little movie has found a home and will be available to anyone who wants to see it!

Okay. So we sold it; what does that mean, you ask?

1) We have a street date.  My movie's "droppin'" this October.  So you will be able to purchase a DVD on line.

2) We should also be available shortly thereafter for rent/digital download from the usual suspect internet sites... Netflix, etc.

3) In my dream world, we'll have a cable premiere.

4) If you live outside North America, you're gonna have to wait a little while longer. We won't have news on when until our international sales agent takes us to the big TV market in fall called MIPCOM.   But we have high hopes!

5) Amazingly, selling the  film doesn't mean the work is over.  It means a new round of work has begun for Jenn and me... and especially Jenn.  The deliverables list is long and involved and I have to hand it to my amazing producer for keeping it all straight and humoring me when I whine about it.   When you close a sale, you agree to give the distributor a list of "deliverables."  It's an extensive list of pieces of your film that will help make up the DVD - including outtakes, separate tracks of sound, audio commentary, every contract imaginable, and insurance that covers you and the distributor in case Sally Q. Suer decides that your movie is all about her life and hires Larry H Parker to sue you for half a million dollars.  (PS:  haha!  like I have a million dollars, do you know how little we made this movie for? PPS: I actually got sued by Mr Parker once, long story.  I got out of it).
Jon Schell, magic sound man,
saving the international community
from a thin foley track. 

We're also working on some of our international deliverables - which include a beefed up foley/effects track so that when they pull the production sound/dialogue to dub the movie in Italian, there will still be footsteps and door closing sounds for the Italians to enjoy.

By the way, I cannot WAIT to see the movie dubbed. When I sold my first movie, COUGARS, Sharon Stone was attached so we got a lot of press.  Seeing my name in an article written in Italian was so so cool... And that was just print - to hear my film translated will be awesome - even though as a film student I was taught that subtitles are always superior to dubs... This weekend, during my sound session at Media City Sound (my favorite sound house)  our sound god Jon Schell was telling me about a French dubbed copy of Star Wars that he has.  He remarked that of course James Earl Jones was amazing as Darth Vader but apparently the French guy is like 98% as good: "Luke, Je suis ton pere!"


PS:  Check out this great review that we got on our Michigan tour:

"The Lake Effect is a beautifully-shot, lovingly-constructed, heartfelt, little motion picture. It oozes warmth, charm, wit, and humor, and keeps us engaged for the full 90 minutes.... This is a movie that deserves some attention."


  1. WOW WOW!! I couldn't be more excited and proud to own/"Netflix" this amazing movie! Congrats everyone!