Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moving on...

So there is some big TLE news on the horizon but knowing my wisely tight-lipped producer, Jennifer Westin, I'm not allowed to officially announce the announcement until the announcement is official.
So... no news for you!  YET.  But oh my goodness, I promise as soon as I can open my big mouth about it, I will.

In the meantime, a quick recap of my Michigan experience:

1) It was truly wonderful to finally share the movie with all the people who came together to make the film possible.  Thank you again to all the kind, talented, and generous Michiganders that made The Lake Effect possible and who turned out in droves in the rain to watch the finished product!

2) It was fun being interviewed on TV and radio but I loved Q n A's most of all - getting to talk to an audience after they've connected with the movie is really cool.

3) I was bummed to be at the lake house with crummy weather but it made working non-stop a little easier...

4) Watching an audience of strangers show up to a movie because "it sounded interesting..." and then watching them laugh and cry... was kind of amazing.

5) The whole time I was in Michigan I kept thinking: I'm ready to direct again.   I gotta get moving on The Cynics!  Damn damn!

Ok, so on that note (and to justify why The Cynics is being ignored)  an update on what I'm working on this week:

1) We have to do some sound work on TLE.  I know, you're thinking, "But I've seen the movie, it's finished!"  Not exactky.  For international sales, our sound specs have to be different - we need to build more foley so that when the dialogue drops out, we still hear footsteps, etc.  It's a good problem to have.  I want people in Germany to hear full sound when we sell them this movie!

2) Finished a first dirty pass of the Disney Channel movie Unplugged - I love that script already.  I had a blast watching every disaster movie I could get my hands on for inspiration. If you haven't watched Independence Day lately, I highly recommend you DO IT this fourth of July!

2) Still working on SHORT BUS, about the couple coming to terms with their daughter's autism... The script has finally found it's stride but it's harder writing that one - heavier lifting... I did some scenes while on the plane to and from Michigan for our screenings (btw, also watched the Justin Beiber doc on the plane - highly entertaining...)

3) Meeting with Kay P about some stuff... can't say what yet but I can't not work with her on something soon.

4) A producer on an old project rang me up and said there is the possibility that they may want to take the script out of turn around (which is when the option to make the movie has expired - reverting the rights to me), which is exciting.  It's a project I really love - so we'll see what happens there...

5) I have three TV pilots that are treated and need to be written.   So much to write, so little time...

And so much news to share that I'm bursting!  Hopefully, by next week, I'll be able to tell...

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