Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Woman on the Verge...

Sorry (again again again) for the delayed post!    

Here are some three digestible highlights of my life as a mommy/writer/director/woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown... (homework for the week:  See Pedro Almodovar's movie Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.) 

1.  I am writing a lot.  When I'm not writing, I feel like I have a hangover, which I have wittily named, "my writing hangover."  During these hangovers, I lose keys, checks, and time. 

2.  So I feel like every week, I announce, "We finished the movie!"   We have finished the movie 145 times.  No, not that many - but there are so many steps to finishing!  Locking picture, locking sound, marrying the two, mixing the two, re-doing the whole damn thing at broadcast quality...  Anyway, I swear this time, it's true!  As proof, I present to you, the movie on tape, in all it's old-fashioned glory.  Something about tape makes me feel good.  Not as good as film, but better than a hard drive.  That probably tells you exactly how old I am. 
Mmm... HD CAM
3 - Had a GREAT meeting at Disney today with two very smart execs and Cindy and I are starting our second draft of Unplugged.  Tell your friends (if your friends are tweens who watch the Disney Channel...) this is going to be a good one.  Especially if Disney Channel lets me direct it!  

3B - Our awesome TLE composer Paul Larson is writing a demo for the DC movie, channeling his inner teenage girl - LOL.  (Teenage girls say "LOL," right?)  

I may have said to the PS worker, "Yes,
I need a guaranteed delivery...
This is my life in here." SO dramatic! 
4 - I spent an hour in the USPS in Burbank after my DC meeting, in an effort to deliver our film to our International Sales Agent in the UK.  As soon as I put the box on the counter, the lady behind the desk groaned.  Then I showed her my shipping slip with the UK address and she groaned again.  Then she couldn't figure out what "state"  London was in.  It took me a second to get my head around the problem and assured her that England didn't have states.  After that, the postal code NW5 1LB wasn't working on the USPS computer...  NW4 and NW6 sure... but not NW5 1 LB.  Not sure what is more frustrating - weird British postal codes or the inability of the USPS to figure them the eff out!   (PS: And hahahah - just finding some irony in the fact that I'm excited about Jimmy from the Postal Service and also loathing the actual postal service).   

5 - Headed off to record a podcast for a filmmaker friend of mine, Travis Betz.  Travis and I met at the Phoenix Film Festival, where Travis' amazing zombie musical THE DEAD INSIDE was playing.  The movie ruled - it had the lovely, dark, bittersweet comedic tone and was visually stunning - it reminded me of one of my favorite musicals, Sweeney Todd (the original musical, not the movie).  Anyway, here's the link to the podcast -- Not sure when it will be up! 

6 - Lastly, if you're not on my personal facbook page, then you missed Luna's quote of the week.  She was sitting in her kiddie pool in the afternoon and I was talking to Brett about The Cynics and Luna grabs me and says sweetly, "No Mommy no want to make a movie right now!"  I told her, "Fair enough." and managed not to do any more work until bedtime.   Despite Luna's perpetual cuteness, we are using some tough love and weaning Luna from her binkies.  She has mailed the disgusting little things (seriously, they're gross) off to two babies in need and in exchange got this "sleep monkey" to take the edge off.    
His name is "Lazybeans."  
Needless to say, there has not been much sleep since, I am the worst mother ever, and child services should probably intervene.  



  1. Great to see The Lake Effect going places and leading to things....
    I will dutifully remind people about it when it shows up on Netflix.

    And I'll be sure to find The Dead Inside, as well. I've seen 456114546 zombie movies in my time, and I'm always on the lookout for a new one (especially a GOOD one, which is, sadly, quite rare).

    And, oh...by the way...

    I've been wondering about something for a while, and might as well just ask. Sorry to get so totally off topic here, BUT....

    I saw something somewhere on some website some time ago when I had first googled The Lake Effect that kinda raised my eyebrows, but I didn't ask about it, and never really sought more info. NOW, though, I just GOTTA ask:

    Did you really once have a movie called "Tits"???

    Sorry, but a film with a title like that just automatically raises a million questions. I HAD to ask.

    Best regards!

  2. Hey Andrew - haha, yes indeed! My first indie feature that I was attached to direct was called TITS. It's a lovely little dramedy about a typical teenage girl who is struggling to grow up in a near perfect suburban world when she realizes that only one of her boobs is growing. :)
    I adore that script and still have high hopes that it will be made some day. It's a hard time for indie financing - movies with weird themes like lopsided boobs have a hard time competing with more sexy themes, I guess.
    That said, if you know any financiers who might not blanche at such an awesome concept, pls feel free to send them my way.
    Thanks so much for reading... and posting!