Monday, August 8, 2011


An open letter to fans, friends and family:

Dear You,

As you may remember, two summers ago, I worked on a little movie called THE LAKE EFFECT.  The film has enjoyed great success on the festival circuit, winning Best Feature and Audience Choice at the Moondance Fim Festival and Best Screenplay and Best Ensemble acting at The Phoenix Film Festival.  Here’s what people are saying about the film:
"(The Lake Effect is)...a classic American indie film... beautifully shot... wonderfully constructed; every character brings a different perspective on life and love to the film and they clash in wonderfully delicate, subtle ways. Smart, funny and tender, the dialogue is brought to life by nuanced performances from all the actors..." 
- Raindance Film Festival, London

"...a well acted and terrifically realized relationship dramedy..." 
- Film Threat 

Today, we are beginning our “QUEUE US” CAMPAIGN.   We need your help if we are going to get this movie seen! 

Netflix is waiting for enough people to have The Lake Effect in their queue for it to become officially "available" on their site.  If you queue it, it will come! PLEASE add THE LAKE EFFECT to your queue by going to: 

If you're still reading this (after you've added us to your queue), I also ask that you PLEASE pass this letter (or some version of it) on to ten friends who you think might be interested in this film.   Little films like this live only through word of mouth of people like you... 

We're so excited for everyone to finally be able to see what we've been working on for so long! 

The makers of THE LAKE EFFECT

PS: Here's our new cover art: 


  1. I put out a call on my blog for people to add The Lake Effect last night....
    For what's it's worth, it looks like I got you around 20 or so.

  2. thanks Andrew!!!! You rule. I saw that great post. Can't tell how much that helps!

  3. No problem!
    Hey, the next time you make a film, consider hiring the young lady I profiled AFTER your film in that very same post. I, for one, am a booster of this struggling actress (even though I only know her through Facebook).

    OK, sorry. I just HAD to say it. :P

    Anyway, good luck with getting on Netflix. May that happen very soon. I've done all I could to help!