Monday, August 1, 2011


Short and Sweet this morning, as I am about to get on a plane, headed home to LA from a whirlwind trip through New England and New York... 
We saw our amazing friends and family, got inspired, got a second draft in to Disney Channel, and hung out by a lake(not Lake Michigan, Lake Peekskill...).  Life is sweet -- especially because my little girl (not baby) turned two, reminding me how quickly it is going... which reminds me that it's been a while since we wrapped ye old Lake Effect... 

If I were you, reading this, I would be thinking: When the heck are we going to see this thing???

And if I were me writing this, I would be telling you: I have news!!!!  If you want to see THE LAKE EFFECT (in North America) you (finally) can!  

THE LAKE EFFECT will be available from Amazon, Osiris' website, and a couple of other online DVD sites!  

- Pre-orders start Sept 21st 
- Street date is Oct 18th. (I love, btw, that we have a "street date" -- I keep wanting to add "my movie's droppin' October 18th" - I know, lame.  I'll try to control myself).

By Sept/October, we will also know which retailers have picked it up (blockbuster, family video, etc.) and we should know about a TV deal by then too!

More information about the movie's availability to come in the next couple of weeks (including our new poster, thanks to our distributor!) so please keep checking back! 

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